Top Performer Closed End Funds of Week 40 Oct 2011

The following is the Top Performer CEFs for week 40 of 2011. The top performing funds include Aberdeen Latin America, Malaysia Fund, Latin American Discovery, and more.

Unlike Mutual Funds, Closed End Funds (CEFs) are traded like stock or exchange traded funds (ETFs). These CEFs can be attractive for investor who seeks value fund and regular income. Some of these Closed End Funds may provide very high income and its market value maybe lower than its Net Asset Value (NAV). Detail funds’ performance can be found in the following table.

The 16 Top Performer Closed End Funds CEFs 2011 (Week 40) are:
  1. Aberdeen Latin America (LAQ)
  2. Malaysia Fund (MAY)
  3. Latin American Discovery (LDF)
  4. Nuveen Energy MLP Total Return (JMF)
  5. European Equity Fund (EEA)
  6. China Fund (CHN)
  7. Morgan Stanley Emerging Markets (MSF)
  8. Korea Fund (KF)
  9. Equus Total Return (EQS)
  10. Nuveen MO Premium Income Muni (NOM)
  11. Nuveen NC Dividend Advantage Muni (NRB)
  12. BlackRock Resources & Commodity Strategy (BCX)
  13. Morgan Stanley China A (CAF)
  14. ClearBridge Energy MLP Opportunity (EMO)
  15. Taiwan Fund (TWN)
  16. AllianceBernstein Global High Income (AWF)
Note: Week 40 = October 3, 2011 till October 9, 2011

Table 1: Top Performer CEFs

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