Top Performer Closed End Funds CEF on Oct 15, 2011

The following is the list of Today's Top Performer CEFs. The list include: PIMCO Global StocksPLUS & Income, Gabelli Natural Resources, Gold & Income, Nuveen Global Value Opportunities, and more. The fund's performance is sorted based on its market price. If you are interested in NAV, please check cefa or cefconnect website.
Today's Top Performer CEFs

The 15 Today's Top Performer Closed End Funds (10/5/2011) are:
  1. PIMCO Global StocksPLUS & Income Fund (PGP)
  2. Gabelli Natural Resources, Gold & Income (GNT)
  3. Gabelli Global Gold, Natural Resources & Income (GGN)
  4. BlackRock Real Asset Trust (BCF)
  5. ING Asia Pacific High Dividend Equity Income fund (IAE)
  6. BlackRock Resources and Commodities
  7. Duff & Phelps Global Utility Income
  8. John Hancock Bank & Thrift Opportunity
  9. John Hancock Hedged Equity & Income
  10. BlackRock Energy & Resources Trust
  11. John Hancock Premium Dividend
  12. Nuveen Global Value Opportunities
  13. Brookfield Global Listed Infrastructure
  14. BlackRock S&P Quality Global Equity
  15. Greater China Fund
updated on 10/6/2011

Observation from this list:
  • Most sector equity funds are outperformed the other classes of funds.
  • The 1 day return of these funds does outperformed most of the indexes
Fund Information

NoFund NameTickerFund Type1-Day ReturnLipper RatingPremium/ DiscountExpense ratioYield
1PIMCO Global StocksPLUS & Income FundPGPOpt Arb/Opt Strat8.27%368.56%2.81%12.34%
2Gabelli Natural Resources, Gold & IncomeGNTSector Equity8.18%3-3.90%--5.77%
3Gabelli Global Gold, Natural Resources & IncomeGGNSector Equity7.41%5-1.06%1.33%11.74%
4BlackRock Real Asset TrustBCFSector Equity7.27%9-3.06%1.08%10.46%
5ING Asia Pacific High Dividend Equity Income fundIAEOpt Arb/Opt Strat6.03%6-2.98%1.42%12.35%
6BlackRock Resources and CommoditiesBCXSector Equity5.70%14-12.35%--5.20%
7Duff & Phelps Global Utility IncomeDPGSector Equity5.29%160.11%--1.98%
8John Hancock Bank & Thrift OpportunityBTOSector Equity4.94%20-12.99%1.36%7.27%
9John Hancock Hedged Equity & IncomeHEQOpt Arb/Opt Strat4.87%9-12.24%--2.53%
10BlackRock Energy & Resources TrustBGRSector Equity4.76%22-5.04%1.11%7.16%
11John Hancock Premium DividendPDTIncome & Pref Stk4.66%4-2.29%2.26%7.59%
12Nuveen Global Value OpportunitiesJGVGlobal4.64%41.66%1.15%8.00%
13Brookfield Global Listed InfrastructureINFSector Equity4.61%24-13.69%--0.00%
14BlackRock S&P Quality Global EquityBQYGlobal4.58%8-6.17%1.22%8.59%
15Greater China FundGCHPacific Ex Japan4.52%8-6.14%1.85%0.00%

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Note: Closed End Funds are traded like stocks. They are very similar to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). CEFs can be traded either premium or discount to their Net Asset Value (NAV). They are traded in stock exchanges such as NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ.


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