Royce Opportunity Investment Fund (RYPNX)

According to the latest Forbes Magazine, Royce Opportunity Investment fund is one of the best mutual funds of 2011. The following is the details about the fund review including fund's manager, fund's objective, top 10 holdings, and more. This Royce fund is part of small value US stock fund.

Royce Opportunity Investment (RYPNX)

Royce Opportunity Investment
The Royce Opportunity fund objective is to seek long-term growth of capital. The fund invests mainly in the equity securities of small- and micro-cap companies, those with market capitalizations <$2.5 billion. Although the fund typically focuses on the securities of companies with market capitalizations up to $2.5 billion, it may, in certain market environments, invest an equal or greater percentage of its assets in securities of larger-cap companies and may invest <10% of its assets in foreign stocks.

This investment fund is categorized in Small Value equity fund. Boniface Zaino has managed this Royce fund since April 1998. The fund has $2.15 billion net assets. The annual expense ratio is 1.17%. This fund has no 12b1 fee and no sales load fee. The fund has had 11 years in positive performance since its inception 14 years ago. This fund has returned 20.68% over the past year and 9.08% over the past ten years.

To start investing in this Best Small Cap US Stock fund, you will need a minimum of $2,000 for the initial investment in regular brokerage account and $1,000 for retirement (IRA) account. You can choose from the other classes of Royce Opportunity fund, such as Service Class (RYOFX), Consultant Class (ROFCX), Institutional Class (ROFIX), R Class (ROFRX) and K Class (ROFKX). This RYPNX can be purchased from 82 brokerages.

As of June 2011, the top 10 holdings of this fund are Haynes International (0.8%), OM Group (0.8%), Dilard’s Class A (0.8%), Carpenter Technology (0.8%), Century Aluminum (0.8%), Kaiser Aluminum (0.8%), Albany International (0.7%), Trinity Industries (0.7%), Nanometrics (0.7%) and Ferro Corporation (0.7%).

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