10 Monthly Top Performer Closed End Funds October 2011

The market performance for this past October 2011 has been epic to say the least. Individual stocks gained at least 10% or more. Some stocks may even record between 30% and 50% returns for 1 month. This article will look into the top performing closed end funds for October 2011. The top performers include Equus Total Return (EQS) fund, Petroleum & Resources (PEO) fund, Korea Fund (KF) fund, and more.

The 10 Monthly Top Performer Closed End Funds (October 2011) are:
Monthly Top Performer CEFs Oct 2011
  1. Equus Total Return (EQS)
  2. Petroleum & Resources (PEO)
  3. Korea Fund (KF)
  4. Diamond Hill Financial Trends (DHFT)
  5. BlackRock Real Asset Equity (BCF)
  6. Aberdeen Chile (CH)
  7. BlackRock Energy & Resources (BGR)
  8. Royce Value Trust (RVT)
  9. Morgan Stanley East Europe (RNE)
  10. John Hancock Bank & Thrift (BTO)
updated on 10/29/2011

My observations from this monthly top performer closed end funds are:
  • Most sector funds (energy, financial, commodity, real estate) and emerging markets stock funds have outperformed other fund classes. Some small cap stock funds also have outperformed.
  • Most of these funds have their market value lower than their net asset value (i.e. under value CEFs). If the market is going higher, these funds may provide better bet for higher return.
1. Equus Total Return (EQS)

This Equus Total Return (EQS) fund’s objective is to provide current income and long term capital gains. This fund invests most of its assets in the debt and equity securities of small capitalization companies. This fund is managed by Equus Capital Management / Moore, Clayton & Co.

The fund is managed by team including John A Hardy (CEO) and S Jay Brown (CIO). It also has a structural leverage of 31.53%. The total expense ratio is 8.26%. The fund’s inception date was September 11, 1992. There is no dividend yield currently. The fund has returned -0.44% over the past 1 year, -22.71% over the past 3 year, and -6.36% over the past decade.

As of August 2011, the fund’s top 5 sectors are NCA, general debt (bonds), general equity, Short term corporate debt, Derivatives (War Opt Fut), and Preferred Shares.

2. Petroleum & Resources (PEO)

The investment objective of Petroleum & Resources (PEO) fund is to seek capital preservation with current income and capital gains by investing in USA equity and equity related securities of natural resources companies.

As part of Petroleum and Resources Corporation fund, this PEO fund has total net assets of $786 Million. The fund’s annual expense ratio fee is 0.64%. It also has a dividend yield of 5%. This dividend is paid quarterly. The fund’s managers are Michael A. Kjesky, Richard F Koloski, and Joseph Truta.
Morningstar has rated this fund with 3 stars rating. The fund has its one of the best 1 year total return in 2005 with 33.31%. The fund’s has returned 16.52% over the past a year, 18.74% over the past 3 year, and 4.71% over the past 5 year.

As of July 2011, this fund has a total of 52 stocks in its holding. The top 10 stock holdings are Exxon Mobil Corporation, Chevron Corp, Schlumberger, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Freeport-Mcmoran Copper & Gold inc, Halliburton Company, Conocophillips, Royal Dutch Shell PCL (ADR), Dow Chemical Co, Noble Energy Inc, and National Oilwell Varco Inc.

3. Korea Fund (KF)

The Korea Fund seeks long term capital appreciation. This fund invests majority of its assets in equity securities issued by firms listed on the Korean stock exchange. The fund’s managers are Raymond C K Chan and Sang Won Kim. The fund’s total assets are $520 Million. Its expense ratio fee is 1.10%.  The distribution rate is 0.67%. This yield is paid annually.

The top 10 stocks in its holdings are Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, Hyundai Motor Co Ltd, Kia Motors Corp, LG Chemical Ltd, Hyundai Mobis, KB Financial Group, Shinhan Financial Group, Samsung Life Insurance Co Ltd, Lg Household & Health Care Ltd, Posco, Lg Electronics Inc.

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