ING Corporate Leaders Trust Series B (LEXCX) Fund

US Stock funds should be your main pillar in your investment portfolio. There is variety of US stock fund such as large growth, large value, large blend, small value, mid blend, etc. Investor need to focus on large cap fund for their main portfolio. One of this best US Stock fund is ING Corporate Leaders Trust Series B. Details about the fund review is described below.
ING Corporate Leaders Trust Series B (LEXCX)

The ING Corporate Leaders Trust fund seeks long-term capital growth and income. This ING fund mostly invests in an equal number of shares of common stock of a fixed list of American blue chip corporations. Currently the Trust is invested in 21 of such corporations.

Fund Details
ING Corporate Leaders Trust
  • Fund Inception Date: November 18, 1935
  • Ticker Symbol: LEXCX
  • CUSIP: 44978J104
  • Beta (3yr): 0.88
  • Rank in category (YTD): 1
  • Category: Large Value
  • Distribution Rate: 1.58%
  • Net Assets: $ 571.68 million
  • Sales Load: 0.0%
  • Expense Ratio: 0.54%
  • Capital Gains: N/A
  • Number of Years Up: 38 years
  • Number of Years Down: 13 years
Updated on 10/1/2011

This ING Corporate Leaders Trust Fund is passively managed grantor trust. This best domestic stock fund is registered with the SEC as a unit investment trust. Investor will be charged an annual expense ratio of 0.54%. This figure is a lower compared to the average in the Large Value category (1.27%). As explained on the details, there is no 12b1 fee, no front end sales load, and no deferred sales load for this fund. This LEXCX fund has total net assets of $ 571.68 million. The benchmark of this fund is S&P 500. This fund has 1.58% dividend yield. It is distributed semi-annually. This fund has no other class.

For year to date, the fund has returned 8.05%. This LEXCX fund has 5-stars rating for Morningstar as it has achieved 38 years of positive return since its inception 51 years ago. The performance of this fund based on the load adjusted returns is:
  • 1-year: 26.50%
  • 3-year: 3.50%
  • 5-year: 5.38%
  • 10-year: 6.97%
The best 1-year total return of this top fund was recorded in year 2003 with 25.93% and the worst in year 2008 with -29.25%.

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Investing in this fund can be done by opening account in your brokerage or IRA account (retirement account). The initial investment is $1,000 for regular brokerage and $250 for IRA account. Subsequent minimum investment will be $50 for brokerage account and $100 for IRA account. This LEXCX fund can be bought from 77 brokerages like JP Morgan, Vanguard, Merrill Lynch, T Rowe Price, Edward Jones, Fidelity Retail Funds Network, Schwab Retail, E Trade Financial, Mony Securities Corp, ING Financial Partners PAM and PRIME Approv, etc.

The top 10 holdings of this ING Fund as of the end of second quarter of 2011 represent 78.47% of the total investments. They are Exxon Mobil Corp (16.82%), Union Pacific Corp (11.0%), Praxair Inc (10.11%), Chevron Corp (9.45%), Berkshire Hathaway Inc (8.97%), Procter & Gamble Co (5.83%), Marathon Oil Corp (5.10%), Fortune Brands Inc (4.02%), Honeywell International Inc (3.76%) and El Du Pont de Nemours & Co (3.41%). The top 5 equity sectors breakdown of this fund are Energy (31.37%), Industrials (17.70%), Materials (16.70%) and Consumer Discretionary (10.80%).

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