Fidelity Concentrated Canadian Equity Private Pool-B Fund

The following fund is about Fidelity Concentrated Canadian Equity Private Pool B fund. This Fidelity fund has gaining popularity for Canadian. Additional fund's review can be found below.

Fidelity Concentrated Canadian Equity Private Pool-B

The Fidelity Concentrated Canadian Equity Private Pool-B fund objective is to provide excess return relative to the S&P/TSX Composite Index over a full market cycle. This Fidelity fund invests in a portfolio of Canadian equities. The portfolio is constructed with the goal of ensuring that active return is generated through stock selection.

The inception date of this investment fund is November 26, 2008 (Series B). Besides this series, there are other series of this Fidelity Canadian Concentrated Equity Private Pool fund, such as Series S5, Series S8, Series F, Series F5, Series F8, Series I, Series I5 and Series I8. Kindly note that there is another quite similar fund which is Fidelity Canadian Equity Private Pool that is available in the same range of series. This fund has a small yield of 0.35%. This dividend yield is paid annually. The annual expense ratio is 2.03%. The fund also has a front end sales load. The total fund assets are $28 Million. This fund is eligible for Canadian RRSP.

The fund has returned -16.28% over the past 6 months, -1.53% over the past 1 year, and 4.36% over the past 2 year. This fund has managed to beat its index benchmark for the past 2 year (3.75%).

As of May 2011, the top 10 investments of this fund out of 54 total investments are Toronto-Dominion Bank, Suncor Energy, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Canadian National Railway, Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan, Talisman Energy, Cash & Cash Equivalents, Bank of Montreal, Canadian Natural Resources and Goldcorp. These top ten investments make up 48.4% of the total portfolio. The top 3 sectors of this fund are Energy (28.42%), Financials (28.07%) and Materials (20.42%).

According to the fund’s prospectus, investing risks include credit risk, liquidity risk, market risk, interest rate risk, currency risk, etc.

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