Calamos Growth & Income A (CVTRX) Fund

The following article is about Calamos Growth & Income A Fund. As part of best aggressive allocation balanced mutual fund, I’ll provide details about the fund’s review and details including fund’s yield, top holding, sales load and more.

Balanced mutual fund is also known as hybrid fund. This fund usually has assets in bonds and stocks. The portfolio diversification will depend on the fund’s objective. There are 5 types of balanced mutual funds such as Aggressive Allocation, Moderate Allocation, Conservative Allocation, World Allocation, and Retirement Income.

Calamos Growth & Income A (Ticker: CVTRX)

The Calamos Growth & Income fund seeks high long-term total return including capital appreciation and current income. This Calamos fund invests mostly in a diversified portfolio of convertible, equity and fixed-income securities of U.S. companies without regard to market capitalization. The average term to maturity of the convertible and fixed-income securities purchased by the Fund will typically range from two to ten years.

Fund Details
Calamos Growth & Income Fund (CVTRX) A Shares
Calamos Growth and Income A
  • Fund Inception Date: September 22, 1988
  • Ticker Symbol: CVTRX
  • CUSIP: 128119104
  • Beta (3yr): 1.21
  • Rank in category (YTD): 4
  • Category: Aggressive Allocation
  • Distribution Rate: 1.56%
  • Net Assets: $ 4.35 billion
  • Sales Load: 4.75%
  • Expense Ratio: 1.09%
  • Capital Gains:  N/A
  • Number of Years Up: 17 years
  • Number of Years Down: 5 years
Updated on 10/16/2011

This Calamos fund has an annual expense ratio of 1.09%. This fee is higher than the average expense fee in the Aggressive Allocation category which is 0.87%. John Calamos, Sr. has managed this best rated balanced fund since its inception in September 22, 1988. He is the founder of Calamos Asset Management Inc. This fund has total net assets of $4.35 billion. This fund has a front-end sales load of 4.75% and a 12b1 fee of 0.25%.

This CVTRX fund receives 5 stars rating from Morningstar. Since its inception this fund, it has recorded 17 years of positive return. Based on the load adjusted return, the performance of this fund is:
  • 1-year: 11.62%
  • 3-year: 4.09%
  • 5-year: 3.54%
  • 10-year: 6.07%
This best fund has its best 1-year total return in 1999 with 52.94%. Its worst performance was occurred in 2008 with -30.96%. The YTD return of this Calamos Growth & Income fund is 0.76%. The average maturity of bond in this fund is 4.1 years and the average duration is 3.2 years.

Top Performer Retirement Income Mutual Funds July 2011

For investing in the regular brokerage account of this top fund, you can buy this mutual fund with $2,500 minimum initial balance. You will need a minimum of $500 for IRA account (i.e. retirement account). This fund is available to many investors. Investors can purchase this fund through 109 brokerages. They are Merrill Lynch, Vanguard, JP Morgan, TD Ameritrade Inc, Edward Jones, E Trade Financial, Schwab Retail, Firstrade, etc. The other classes of this fund are Class B (CVTYX), Class C (CVTCX), Class I (CGIIX) and Retirement Class (CGNRX).

As of June 2011, the top 10 holdings of this fund out of 112 total holdings are EMC Corp (3.8%), ARM Holdings PLC (2.4%), Oracle Corp (2.4%), Qualcomm Inc (2.4%), United Technologies Corp (2.4%), eBay Inc (2.2%), Apache Corp (2.1%), Baker Hughes Inc (2.1%), Microsoft Corp (1.6%), and Illumina Inc (1.6%). These top ten companies represent 23% of the total portfolio. The top sectors of this fund are Information Technology, Health Care, Energy, Industrials, Financials and Consumer Staples.

Investing in this best balanced fund involves principal risks such as Convertible Securities Risk, Synthetic Convertible Instruments Risk, Foreign Securities Risk, Emerging Markets Risk, Equity Securities Risk, Growth Stock Risk, Interest Rate Risk, Credit Risk, High Yield Risk, and Portfolio Selection Risk.

  • Good long term performance history
  • Popular among investors
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