Wasatch Micro Cap Fund (WMICX)

Small Cap stock fund can enhance your asset portfolio and provide diversification. One of the best small cap fund is Wasatch Micro Cap fund (Ticker: WMICX). This fund is also featured in Forbes' best funds of 2011. Details about the fund review is described below.
Wasatch Micro Cap (WMICX)

Wasatch Micro Cap Fund
The Wasatch Micro Cap fund objective is to seek long-term growth of capital. It also has  a secondary objective which is to provide income. This Wasatch fund invests at least 80% of net assets in the equity securities of micro-cap companies with market capitalizations of less than $1 billion. It may invest up to 30% of total assets at the time of purchase in securities issued by foreign companies in developed or emerging markets.

As one of the small growth stock fund, this Wasatch fund’s manager is Daniel Chace since 2004. The fund has annual expense ratio of 2.18%. This fund has no 12b1 fee and no front-end sales load fee. Morningstar has rated this WMICX fund with 3-stars rating. This fund is currently on the 8th rank in the Small Growth category.

The fund total net assets are $329.24 million. Since its inception, this fund has recorded 13 years positive performance with the best total return in 2001 with 49.99%. It has returned 28.71% over the past year and 8.17% over the past ten years. This WMICX fund has 1.13% YTD return. There is no other class of this fund.  This fund is currently open to all investors. The benchmarks of this fund are Russell Microcap Index and Russell 2000 Index.

The minimum balance needed to open either brokerage account or IRA account of this fund is $2,000 with the $100 for the minimum subsequent investment for both accounts. WMICX is available for purchase from a wide selection of 77 brokerages like JP Morgan, Schwab Retail, Td Ameritrade Inc, etc.

The top five holdings of this Wasatch Micro Cap fund as of March 2011 are State Street/ Ficc Repo (3.63%), Power Integrations Inc (2.95%), CorVel Corporation (2.63%), Hibbett Sports Inc (2.51%) and Interactive Intelligence Inc (2.47%).

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