Top Performer International Stock Funds of Sep 2011 (3 Month Return)

International stock funds have been taking a beating for the past 3 months. These equity funds have been underperformed their peer, domestic stock funds. These international stock funds can include European stock funds, diversified emerging markets stock funds, world stock funds, Japan stock funds, and many more.

The 24 Top Performer International Stock mutual funds September 2011 for the past 3 month are:
Top Performing International Stock Funds
  1. The USX China C (HPCCX)
  2. Commonwealth Japan (CNJFX)
  3. GaveKal Platform Company Instl (GAVIX)
  4. API Efficient Frontier Multiple Index A (APIMX)
  5. Prasad Growth (PRGRX)
  6. Nuveen Tradewinds Japan A (NTJAX)
  7. DWS RREEF Global Infrastructure A (TOLLX)
  8. DFA Japanese Small Company I (DFJSX)
  9. Dynamic Infrastructure I (DWGIX)
  10. Henderson Japan Focus A (HFJAX)
  11. Virtus Global Opportunities A (NWWOX)
  12. Morgan Stanley Inst Glbl Franchise I (MSFAX)
  13. ING Morgan Stanley Glbl Fran Port S (IVGTX)
  14. SEI Instl Mgd Global Mgd Volatility A (SVTAX)
  15. Hennessy Select SPARX Japan Instl (SPARX)
  16. Morgan Stanley Inst Sel Glbl Infras I (MTIIX)
  17. Morgan Stanley Global Infrastructure B (UTLBX)
  18. Cohen & Steers Global Infrastructure A (CSUAX)
  19. Matthews Japan Investor (MJFOX)
  20. Virtus Global Infrastructure A (PGUAX)
  21. Hennessy Select SPARX Japan Smaller Coms (SPJSX)
  22. Wasatch World Innovators (WAGTX)
  23. BlackRock Global Dividend Income Inv A (BABDX)
  24. SGA Global Growth (SGAGX)
MEPB Financial observations are:
  • Most of these international stock funds have underperformed the domestic stock funds
  • The japan stock funds and world stock funds have outperformed other category of international stock funds. World stock fund is outperformed due to their allocation in US market (30%-60% asset allocation)
  • Most of these funds are available through online brokerage
  • Some funds also have no sales load (i.e. these funds are known as No Load Fund). If you believe in lower fee, you will need to invest in this no load fund over load fund.
  • Some of the top performers don't have a good long term performance. Couple funds also are rated as the best rated fund by Morningstar with 4- and 5-stars rating.
1. The USX China C (Ticker: HPCCX)

This USX China fund’s objective is to seek long-term growth of capital. As part of Pope Family of Funds fund, this fund invests mainly in Chinese stocks companies listed on U.S. exchanges. The fund manager of this fund is Stephen L. Parr that has been managing this fund since August 2007. This fund is a no-load fund. The annual expense ratio is 3.00%. The other class of this fund is Class A (HPCHX). This fund has underperformed its peers in year to date performance.
  • CUSIP: 732855887
  • Beta (3yr): 1.06
  • Rank in category (YTD): 100%
  • Category: China Region
As of July 2011, the top 5 holdings are China Nutrifruit Group Limited, Longwei Petroleum Investment Holding Limited, China Redstone Group Inc, Emerald Acquisition and Yasheng Group Shs. The top sectors are Industrials, Consumer Defensive, Consumer Cyclical, Energy and Technology.

Interesting in other top performer funds, please check:

2. Commonwealth Japan (CNJFX)

This Commonwealth Japan fund is providing long-term capital appreciation and current income. The fund invest most of the assets (>80%) in the securities of Japanese companies, including ADR (American Depository Receipt). Since 1997, the fund’s manager is Robert Scharar. Sharar is the president and director of FCA Corporation. This fund has 4.24% expense ratio. Investor can buy this fund online for as little as $200 through brokerage. This has 0.23% 12b1 fee but there is no sales load. The fund assets are only$7.5 million.

From the second quarter report of this CNJFX fund, the top sectors are Capital Goods, Transportation, Utilities and Technology Hardware & Equipment. The top 5 stock holdings are Sumitomo Realty & Development Co Ltd, Fanuc Ltd, Toho Gas Co Ltd, Marubeni Corporation, and Yamato Holdings Co Ltd.

3. GaveKal Platform Company Institutional (GAVIX)

This GaveKal fund invests majority of its assets in common stocks of companies located throughout the world including in the United States. This world stock fund is seeking for long-term growth of capital and seeking to exceed the performance of the MSCI World Index. The fund is managed by Steven C. Vannelli since its inception in September 2010. There is no sales load. This fund is rated 3 star rating by Morningstar.
  • Fund CUSIP: 461418659
  • Rank in category (YTD): 9%
  • Category: World Stock
The top holdings of this GAVIX fund are Money Market Fiduciary, Pfizer Inc, Gilead Sciences Inc, Quest Diagnostics Inc and Becton Dickinson & Co.

4. API Efficient Frontier Multiple Index A (APIMX)

This API Efficient Frontier Multiple Index fund invests >80% of asset in securities, derivatives and other financial instruments in pursuing its goal of maximum total return of capital growth and income. As one of the world stock fund, this fund has annual expense ratio of 1.69%. The fund’s manager since its inception is David Basten. This fund’s dividend yield is 0.64%. The other class of this fund is Class C (AFMMX) with the CUSIP of 028837839. The CUSIP of APIMX is 028837805.

The top sectors of this fund are Financial Services, Industrials, Basic Materials, Technology and Consumer Cyclical.

5. Prasad Growth (PRGRX)

This Prasad Growth fund is seeking for capital appreciation. Rajendra Prasad has been managing this fund since November 1998. The fund has annual expense ratio of 1.50%. This is a no load fund. Investor can start investing in this World Stock fund with a minimum of $1,000.
  • CUSIP: 73972Q103
  • Beta: -0.06
  • Rank in category (YTD): 98%
  • Category: World Stock
The top 5 holdings of this fund are Walter Energy, Apple Inc, Baidu Inc ADR, Trina Solar Limited ADR and Charm Communications Inc ADR.

7. DWS RREEF Global Infrastructure A (TOLLX)

The DWS RREEF Global Infrastructure fund investment is TOLLX fund’s objective is to achieve total return from capital appreciation and current income. The fund invests in a global portfolio of securities of infrastructure-related companies. The fund’s manager is Manoj H. Patel. The annual expense ratio of this DWS fund is 1.50%. It has 2.75% dividend yield. Morningstar has ranked this fund with 5-stars rating. The other classes of this fund are Class C (TOLCX), Institutional Class (TOLIX) and Class S (TOLSX).
The top holdings of this top rated world stock fund as of June 2011 are National Grid, TransCanada, American Tower, Sempra Energy, Enbridge, Crown Castle, NSTAR and APA Group. The top sectors are Oil & Gas transmission/ distribution, Transmission & Distribution and Communications.

8. DFA Japanese Small Company I (DFJSX)

This DFA Japanese Small Company fund seeks for long-term capital appreciation by invests primarily of its assets in Japanese Small Company Series. Karen Umland is the manager of this DFA fund. She is also the Senior Portfolio Manager as well as the Vice President of Dimensional. The annual expense ratio of this DFJSX fund is 0.57%. The dividend yield is 1.47%. This fund also has 5-stars rating from Morningstar. The CUSIP of this fund is 233203108.

The top holdings of this fund as of June 2011 are Taiheiyo Cement Corp, Sawai Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, Asahi Diamond Industrial Co Ltd, Mori Seiki Co Ltd and Nifco.

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Top Performer International Stock Mutual Funds 2011 (3 month)

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