Fidelity Advisor Emerging Asia Fund (FEAAX)

Emerging Markets (EM) have become the center piece for investors. Finding the right Emerging Markets Stock Fund is essential. One of the best rated Emerging Markets funds is Fidelity Advisor Emerging Asia Fund. I'l'l provide the fund's review in details.

Fidelity Advisor Emerging Asia Fund (MUTF: FEAAX)

The Fidelity Advisor Emerging Asia Fund objective is to seek long-term capital appreciation. This Fidelity equity fund typically invests >80% of assets in securities of Asian emerging market issuers and companies with emerging markets connection. It invests mainly in common stocks. The fund’s manager will analyze each issuer's financial condition and industry position, as well as market and economic conditions to select investments.

FEAAX Fund Details
Fidelity Advisor Emerging Asia Fund (FEAAX)
FEAAX fund details
  • Fund Inception Date: March 25, 1994
  • Ticker Symbol: FEAAX
  • CUSIP: 315920413
  • Beta (3yr): 0.97
  • Rank in category (YTD): 30
  • Category: Pacific/ Asia ex-Japan Stock
  • Distribution Rate: 0.58%
  • Net Assets: $ 471.23 million
  • Sales Load: 5.75%
  • Expense Ratio: 1.40%
  • Capital Gains: N/A
  • Number of Years Up: 9 years
  • Number of Years Down: 7 years
Updated on 9/3/2011

The current lead fund's manager is Colin Chickles since January 2010. This fund was introduced to public in March 1994. Investor will be charge an annual expense ratio of 1.40%. There is 12b1 fee of 0.25% and front-end sales load fee of 5.75%. The fund portfolio turnover rate as of August 2011 is 138.0%. The fund’s beta is 0.97 for the past 3 years. This Fidelity fund has a yield of 0.58% per year. MS AC Asia ex-Japan is the benchmark of this Fidelity fund.

For year to date, the fund has returned 3.83%. This fund has returned 15.72% over the past year and 14.49% over the past five years. The fund has the best 1 year total return on 1999 (77.34%) and worst 1 year total return on 2008 (-45.66%).  This Fidelity Advisor Emerging Asia fund also has 4 stars rating from Morningstar. US News gave 8.2 / 10.0 ratings. Zacks investment research and the street ratings have rated this fund with ‘Buy’ recommendation.

To invest in this top international stock fund, you will need to open an account either with your brokerage or IRA account (Roth IRA, traditional IRA, and 401k). The initial investment is $2,500 for regular brokerage and only $500 for IRA account. There is no minimum subsequent investment. This FEAAX fund can be purchased through 83 brokerages like Fidelity Advisor 401(k) ACT Shares, JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, Vanguard, Scottrade Load, Edward Jones, Raymond James, E Trade Financial, etc. Investor can choose from other classes of this Fidelity fund such as Class B (FERBX), Class C (FERCX), Class Institutional (FERIX) and Class T (FEATX).

As of June 2011, the top ten company holdings of this best fund are Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China H, Cnooc Ltd, China Construction Bank Corp H, Hyundai Motor Co, Fubon Financial Holding Co Ltd, Keppel Corporation Ltd, Power Assets Holdings Ltd, and SK Telecom Ltd. This fund also has a total of 239 stock holdings. These top ten companies represent 22.49% of the total net assets. The top five sectors of this fund are Financials, Information Technology, Industrials, Consumer Discretionary, and Materials.

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