Best Performer US Stock Mutual Funds Sep 2011 (3 months)

The following is the top performer of US Domestic Stock Mutual Funds for the past 3 months. The data is updated on September 23, 2011. Based on the list, you will notice the ten top performer funds have been dominated by utilities stock fund. These utilities stock funds usually have higher dividend yield and lower volatility. I also include the fund review below. More details about top performer funds or best stock fund can be found in my MEPB Financial website.

The 24 Top Performer US Domestic Stock Mutual Funds September 2011 (3 Months period):
Top Performer US Stock Fund 2011
  1. ICON Telecommunications & Utilities S (ICTUX)
  2. Franklin Utilities A (FKUTX)
  3. ProFunds Utilities UltraSector Inv (UTPIX)
  4. Invesco Utilities Investor (FSTUX)
  5. Rydex Utilities Adv (RYAUX)
  6. Direxion HCM Freedom Svc (HCMFX)
  7. Berkshire Focus (BFOCX)
  8. Fidelity Select Utilities Portfolio (FSUTX)
  9. Delaware Pooled Select 20 (DPCEX)
  10. Center Coast MLP Focus A (CCCAX)
  11. Fidelity Advisor Utilities A (FUGAX)
  12. Midas Perpetual Portfolio (MPERX)
  13. The Cook & Bynum Fund (COBYX)
  14. California Investment Nasdaq 100 Idx Dir (NASDX)
  15. Copley (COPLX)
  16. VALIC Company I NASDAQ-100 Index (VCNIX)
  17. FBR Gas Utility Index Investor (GASFX)
  18. USAA NASDAQ-100 Index (USNQX)
  19. MassMutual Select NASDAQ-100 A (MOTAX)
  20. PIMCO StocksPLUS Long Duration Instl (PSLDX)
  21. Rydex NASDAQ-100 Inv (RYOCX)
  22. MFS Technology A (MTCAX)
  23. Gabelli ABC AAA (GABCX)
  24. Wells Fargo Advantage Utility & Telecom A (EVUAX)
Note: All the data is updated as September 23, 2011

Other observation about the top performing funds:
  • Investor still invests in stock market especially in the fund with high yield dividend.
  • Most of the utilities funds or communication funds are still outperformed the general market. These fund usually also has lower volatility.
  • Most of these funds are available through regular brokerage.
  • The funds also outperformed international stock funds or emerging market stock funds.
  • Some funds also have no sales load (i.e. these funds are known as No Load Fund). It is possible to have higher return over time.
  • Couple funds also are rated as the best rated fund by Morningstar with 4- and 5-stars rating.
  • Technology sector stock funds are another top sector funds after utilities sector stock funds.
Fund Review

1. ICON Telecommunications & Utilities S (ICTUX)

This Icon Telecommunications & Utilities S fund invests most of asset in Telecommunications and Utilities sectors companies. As one of the communication sector fund, this fund’s manager is Todd Burchett. It also has a yield of 4.62%. Morningstar has rated this fund with 4 stars rating.
  • CUSIP: 44929K879
  • Beta (3yr): 0.53
  • Rank in category (YTD): 1% (Top rated)
  • Category: Communications
As of June 30, 2011, the top 10 stock holdings include Verizon Communications Inc, Southern Co, AT&T Inc, PPL Corp, SCANA Corp, NextEra Energy Inc, Public Service Enterprise Group Inc, Duke Energy Corporation, Sempra Energy, and UGI Corporation.

2. Franklin Utilities A (FKUTX)

This Franklin Utilities fund’s objective is to seek capital appreciation and current income.  This fund invests primarily in public utilities companies’ securities. This fund also has other classes such as Class A shares have front loads; B shares have deferred loads; C shares have level loads; R shares are designed for IRA rollovers and 401k retirement plan. The fund lead manager is John Kohli. Kohli has been the fund’s manager since 1998 and he is also the vice president of advisers. The fund net asset is $3.1 billion. This fund also has a front end sales load of 4.25%. The annual expense ratio is 0.78%.
  • CUSIP: 353496409
  • Beta (3yr): 0.54
  • Rank in category (YTD): 12%
  • Category: Utilities
Top 5 holdings are Southern Co, Entergy Corp, Sempra Energy, NextEra Energy Inc, American Electric, and Power Co Inc. The top 3 sectors are utilities (92.48%), Energy (4.26%), and Communication Services (3.26%). Other best domestic fund can also be found in the 25 Kiplinger best funds list.

3. ProFunds Utilities UltraSector Inv (UTPIX)

ProFunds Utilities UltraSector fund is part of leveraged stock mutual fund. The fund seeks to achieve between 100-150% daily performance of the fund index which is Dow Jones U.S. Utilities Index. Todd Johnson is the fund’s manager. The fund doesn’t have a load. The fund’s expense ratio is 1.73% per year. This is investor class fund and there is service class fund (Ticker: UTPSX). The fund’s yield is 2.37%.
  • CUSIP: 743185191
  • Beta (3yr): 0.89
  • Rank in category (YTD): 2%
  • Category: Utilities
The top 5 holdings of this fund are Southern Co, Exelon Corp, Dominion Resources, Inc., Duke Energy Corporation, and NextEra Energy Inc.

4. Invesco Utilities Investor (FSTUX)

This Invesco fund invest majority of assets in utilities related industries stocks. The fund is managed by Meggan Walsh. Walsh is the senior portfolio manager for Invesco. The fund’s yield is 2.34% per year. The expense fee of this fund is 1.32% per year. There is no sales load. You can buy this fund with only $1,000 minimum initial investment. This fund is rated 3 star rating by Morningstar.

The fund has returned 16.84% over the past 1 year, 0.60% over the past 3 year, 3.04% over the past 5 years, and 4.99% over the past decade. The best 1 year returned achieved in 2004 with 25.33%.

As of July 2011, the top 5 stocks in this fund’s holding are Southern Co, Dominion Resources Inc, American Electric Power Co Inc, National Grid PLC, Portland General Electric Company.

5. Rydex Utilities Adv (RYAUX)

This Rydex Utilities fund’s objective is to seek capital appreciation. The fund invest most of the assets (>80%) in equity of Utilities companies. These companies can involve in manufacturing, generation, production, transmission, distribution of gas or electric energy, water supply, waste and sewage disposal. Since 2000, the fund’s manager is Michael P Byrum. Byrum is the president and CIO of Rydex Investments. This fund also has a distribution rate of 6.19%. Its expense ratio is 1.87%. You can buy this fund online for as little as $2,500.

From the latest fund’s review, the top five holdings are Southern Co, Exelon Corp, Dominion Resources Inc, Duke Energy Corporation, NextEra Energy Inc.

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