Top Performer Bond & Stock Mutual Funds July 2011

The following article will provide the top performing mutual funds (up till July 2011). The list include Dynamic US Growth I, Virtus Small-Cap Sustainable Growth A, PIMCO Real Estate Real Return Strategy A and more.


Mutual funds have been the primary medium for many investors to invest. Many long term investors have either brokerage account or retirement account (Traditional IRA, ROTH IRA, 401k, etc). Mutual funds have 2 main categories: bond mutual fund (or fixed income fund) and stock mutual fund (or equity mutual fund).

The bond fund includes taxable bond fund and non taxable bond fund or municipal bond fund. The following fund is considered taxable bond fund:
  • Government bond fund: Foreign or USA
  • US Treasuries fund
  • GNMA fund
  • Mortgage bond fund
  • Corporate bond fund
  • High Yield bond fund
The non taxable bond fund is also called municipal bond fund or muni bond fund. These funds have a dividend yield which is exempted from federal tax rate. Some muni bond funds may also exempt from state and local tax.

The other fund is stock fund. This equity fund has 3 main categories such as domestic stock fund, foreign stock fund, and preferred stock fund. These stock funds may be classified as according to its style or category such as large growth, large blend, large value, mid value, mid blend, mid growth, small growth, small value, small blend, Europe, asia pacific, Japan, sector (real estate REIT, health, technology, basic materials, energy, precious metals, etc).

The following top performers are sorted based on its year to date performance up to July 8th, 2011. The 40 Top YTD Performer Mutual Funds 2011 (up to July 8th, 2011) are:
  1. Dynamic US Growth I (DWUGX)
  2. Virtus Small-Cap Sustainable Growth A (PSGAX)
  3. GMO US Small/Mid Cap Growth III (GMSPX)
  4. PIMCO Real Estate Real Return Strategy A (PETAX)
  5. Rice Hall James Small Cap Instl (RHJMX)
  6. T. Rowe Price Health Sciences (PRHSX)
  7. Delaware Smid Cap Growth A (DFCIX)
  8. JHT Health Sciences Trust Ser I (JEHSX)
  9. ProFunds UltraSector Health Care Inv (HCPIX)
  10. VALIC Company I Health Sciences (VCHSX)
updated on July 8th, 2011

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Fund Information
NoNameTickerYTD Total ReturnRatingExpense RatioLoadMin to InvestCategory
1Dynamic US Growth IDWUGX25.850.95%0.00%$10,000 Large Growth
2Virtus Small-Cap Sustainable Growth APSGAX24.421.67%5.75$2,500 Small Growth
3GMO US Small/Mid Cap Growth IIIGMSPX24.2330.46%0.00%$0 Mid-Cap Growth
4PIMCO Real Estate Real Return Strategy APETAX23.3311.19%5.5$1,000 Real Estate
5Rice Hall James Small Cap InstlRHJMX22.3741.47%0.00%$2,500 Small Growth
6T. Rowe Price Health SciencesPRHSX21.9640.84%0.00%$2,500 Health
7Delaware Smid Cap Growth ADFCIX21.9241.50%5.75$1,000 Mid-Cap Growth
8JHT Health Sciences Trust Ser IJEHSX21.841.12%0.00%$0 Health
9ProFunds UltraSector Health Care InvHCPIX21.7411.71%0.00%$15,000 Health
10VALIC Company I Health SciencesVCHSX21.6441.18%0.00%$0 Health
11Fidelity Select BiotechnologyFBIOX21.6130.86%0.00%$2,500 Health
12Chase Mid Cap Growth NCHAMX21.4941.45%0.00%$2,000 Mid-Cap Growth
13Delaware Pooled Focus Smid-Cap Gr EqDCGTX21.450.92%0.00%$ 1 MilMid-Cap Growth
14Fidelity Select Medical DeliveryFSHCX21.2440.88%0.00%$2,500 Health
15Fidelity Advisor Biotechnology AFBTAX21.2221.38%5.75$2,500 Health
16ProFunds UltraMid Cap InvUMPIX21.2211.68%0.00%$15,000 Mid-Cap Blend
17Putnam Equity Spectrum APYSAX21.07-1.40%5.75$500 Mid-Cap Value
18Federated MDT Small Cap Growth AQASGX20.9621.75%5.5$1,500 Small Growth
19Oppenheimer Discovery AOPOCX20.8731.34%5.75$1,000 Small Growth
20Pacific Advisors Small Cap Value APASMX20.6822.66%5.75$1,000 Small Blend
21ProFunds Biotechnology UltraSector InvBIPIX20.6411.92%0.00%$15,000 Health
22ProFunds Real Estate UltraSector InvREPIX20.5211.72%0.00%$15,000 Real Estate
23Hartford Global Health HLS IAHIAHX20.4740.90%0.00%$0 Health
24Putnam Capital Spectrum APVSAX20.391.40%5.75$500 Conservative Allocation
25ProFunds Ultra Dow 30 InvUDPIX20.1211.75%0.00%$15,000 Large Value
26Hartford Global Health AHGHAX20.0631.49%5.5$2,000 Health
27Rydex Biotechnology AdvRYOAX19.8821.89%0.00%$2,500 Health
28Geneva Advisors All Cap Growth InstlGNVIX19.8151.25%0.00%$100,000 Large Growth
29Prudential Jennison Health Sciences APHLAX19.541.27%5.5$2,500 Health
30ProFunds Oil Equipment Svc & Dist InvOEPIX19.3611.80%0.00%$15,000 Equity Energy
31Artisan Small Cap InvestorARTSX19.3331.31%0.00%$1,000 Small Growth
32Integrity Williston Bsn/Md-N Amer Stk AICPAX19.1951.50%5$1,000 Mid-Cap Growth
33Rydex Dow 2x Strategy CRYCYX18.9712.56%1$2,500 Large Value
34ProFunds UltraSector Oil & Gas InvestorENPIX18.9321.69%0.00%$15,000 Equity Energy
35Old Mutual Copper Rock Emerging Gr AOMARX18.921.67%5.75$2,500 Small Growth
36LKCM Small Cap Equity InstlLKSCX18.8540.96%0.00%$10,000 Small Growth
37Live Oak Health SciencesLOGSX18.8241.35%0.00%$2,000 Health
38LKCM Aquinas Small CapAQBLX18.8131.50%0.00%$2,000 Small Growth
39Managers Special Equity ManagersMGSEX18.831.48%0.00%$2,000 Small Growth
40Praxis Small Cap AMMSCX18.6931.69%5.25$2,500 Small Growth

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