Joel Tillinghast to take short leave, FLPSX fund Manager

As one of the star manager from Fidelity, Joel Tillinghast is taking a short leave during the fourth quarter of 2011. The absence will begin from September 6th, 2011 until January 2012. Joel Tillinghast has been the lead fund manager of Fidelity Low-Priced Stock fund (Ticker: FLPSX) since 1989. This Fidelity fund also has 4 stars rating from Morningstar.

During his absence, this Fidelity Low-Priced Stock fund will be managed by Jamie Harmon, lead manager of Fidelity Advisor Small Cap. He will be supported by five member supporting cast with sector specialties. Harmon will consult with Tillinghast if he want to trade stocks in the fund's top 50 holdings.

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