Royce Premier Investment Fund (RYPRX)

The following article is about fund review of Royce Premier Investment fund. As one of the best fund in Mid Cap Blend domestic stock funds, this RYPRX fund has consistently outperformed its peer. Details about the investment fund performance and characteristics are described below.

Royce Premier Investment (Ticker: RYPRX)

The Royce Premier Investment fund is seeking long-term capital growth. The fund invests most of its net assets (>80%) in the equity securities of such premier companies. The fund will invest <65% in companies with market capitalizations up to $2.5 billion at the time of investment. This Royce fund may invest <25% of net assets in foreign securities although the fund normally focuses on the securities of U.S. companies. The fund may sell securities to, among other things, secure gains, limit losses, and redeploy assets into what Royce deems to be more promising opportunities and/or manage cash levels in the fund’s portfolio.

RYPRX Fund Details
Royce Premier Investment Fund (RYPRX)
Royce RYPRX fund details
  • Fund Inception Date: December 1991
  • Ticker Symbol: RYPRX
  • CUSIP: 780905600
  • Beta (3yr): 1.10
  • Rank in category (YTD): 35
  • Category: Mid-Cap Blend
  • Type: Stock Fund
  • Yield: 0.0%
  • Morningstar Rating: 5 Stars
  • Expense Ratio: 1.12%
  • Sales Load: 0%
  • Capital Gains: N/A
  • Number of Years Up: 17 years
  • Number of Years Down: 2 years
updated on July 7th, 2011

Since its inception in December 1991, Charles M. Royce has been the lead manager of this fund. It has 1.12% annual expense ratio. Investor will need to provide $2,000 min initial investment for brokerage account and $1,000 for IRA account. The minimum subsequent investment for both accounts type is $50. As part of no load fund, it doesn’t have any sales load fee.

This equity fund has returned 33.28% over the past year and 6.98% over the past 3 years. It receives 5-stars rating from Morningstar and currently has 10.37% YTD return. The best 1-year total return so far was achieved in 2003 with 38.76% and the worst one was in 2008 with -28.29%. The other classes of this Royce Premier Investment fund are Service Class (RPFFX), Consultant Class (RPRCX), Institutional Class (RPFIX), W Class (RPRWX), R Class (RPRRX) and K Class (RPRKX). The benchmark index of this fund is Russell 2000. This fund is currently only open to existing investors.

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The top 10 holdings of this best rated fund as of May 2011 are Lincoln Electric Holdings (2.4%), Gartner (2.3%), Unit Corporation (2.2%), Trican Well Service (2.1%), Nu Skin Enterprises (2.1%), Pan American Silver (2.1%), Fossil (2.1%), Westlake Chemical (1.9%), Thor Industries (1.8%) and Ensign Energy Services (1.8%). These top 10 holdings represent 20.9% of total net assets.

There are 85 brokerages offered this Royce Premier fund, such as JP Morgan, LPL SAM Eligible, T Rowe Price, Merrill Lynch, Fidelity Retail Funds Network, Schwab Retail, DATALynx NTF, Ameriprise Brokerage, Scottrade TF, ING Financial, Firstrade, Principal Advantage, etc.

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