Baron Growth Retail Fund (BGRFX)

This next fund has been one of the good performing fund for the past few years. As part of growth stock fund, Baron Growth fund is among the top rated US domestic stock fund. Details review can be found below.

Baron Growth Retail (Ticker: BGRFX)

The Baron Growth fund seeks capital appreciation. This Baron fund invests for the long term mainly in equity securities in the form of common stock of small-sized growth companies with market capitalizations of under $2.5 billion at the time of purchase selected for their capital appreciation potential. It purchases securities in businesses that BAMCO Inc believes could double in value in four or five years, and then hopefully, double again in the next four or five years.
Baron Growth Retail Fund (BGRFX)
Baron Growth Fund characteristics
    BGRFX Fund Details
    • Fund Inception Date: December 1994
    • Ticker Symbol: BGRFX
    • CUSIP: 068278209
    • Beta (3yr): 1.04
    • Rank in category (YTD): 52
    • Category: Mid-Cap Growth
    • Distribution: 0.0%
    • Net Assets: $6.9 billion
    • Sales Load: 0%
    • Expense ratio: 1.32%
    • Capital Gains: N/A
    • Number of Years Up: 13 years
    • Number of Years Down: 3 years
    Updated on June 24th, 2011

    This BGRFX fund inception date was December 1994 and has been managed by Ronald Baron ever since. This BGRFX  doesn’t have any dividend yield currently, the last dividend was distributed in December 1998. This fund has 12b1 fee of 0.25%, but no front-end sales load fee. The minimum initial investment is $2,000 for either brokerage or IRA account. There is no minimum subsequent investment. This fund also has $6.9 billion total net assets.

    The fund’s expense ratio is 1.32% per year. Morningstar give 4 stars rating for this Baron fund. It has 9.90% year-to-date return. The fund has returned 31.11% over the past year and 4.98% over the past five years. The best returns so far was achieved in 1999 with 44.71% while the worst in 2008 with -39.18%.  The other class of this Baron Growth Fund besides the Retail Class is Institutional Class (Ticker: BGRIX).

    This mid cap growth stock fund can be purchased from 109 brokerages include JP Morgan, Merrill Lynch, T Rowe Price, Common Wealth PPS, Schwab Retail, Dreyfus NTF, DATALynx, Mony securities Corp, Royal Alliance, Raymond James, HSBC Brokerage Inc, etc.

    The top 6 sectors breakdown of this fund are 22.7% in Consumer Discretionary, 15.1% in Health Care, 13.6% in Information Technology, 12.5% in Energy, 11.2% in Industrials and 10.9% in Financials. The top ten holdings of this fund represent 25.6% of total net assets. They are Edwards Lifesciences Corp, Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc, DeVry Inc, Molycorp Inc, Mettler-Toledo International Inc, FactSet Research Systems Inc, Amerigroup Corp, ITC Holdings Corp, MSCI Inc and Community Health Systems Inc.


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