Questrade Online Canadian Brokerage Review

As one of the fastest growing Canadian online broker, Questrade offers variety of products to Canadian customers such as Stocks, Options, Forex, Mutual Fund, RSP, TFSA, etc. Traders or investors can trade stocks for $0.01 per share with $4.95 min and $9.95 max. This pricing is among the lowest commission rate among Canadian Online Brokerages. Several reasons to trade using Questrade are:
Questrade Logo
  • It offers one of the lowest commissions for Canadian traders
  • You can open an account online quickly by completing the Questradexpress
  • It is part of Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada and Canadian Investor Protection Fund
  • There is no fee for RSPs & TFSAs
  • It provides Mutual Fund Maximizer for lower mutual fund trades
  • It offers real gold bullion trading
  • It provides free trading educations, research tools, and knowledge
Other cons of Questrade:
  • Only available to Canadian resident
  • No future trades
  • Issues with customer service
  • More suitable for trader than investor


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