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BCA is an Indonesia based financial services company. The bank offers various individual and business product services such as insurance, credit card, checking account and saving account. BCA is also known as Bank Central Asia.
BCA Bank Central

Some of the products and services are:
  • Customers may check, do, and track financial transactions
  • You can view and print account statements (up to 12 months)
  • You can transfer funds online between BCA accounts as well as other bank accounts
  • Update and change personal contact information such as address and email info
  • Pay bills online or through mobile banking (m-BCA)
  • Contact bank customer service or representative (Halo BCA)
  • Access account at any time and any location
  • Monitor accounts for any suspicious financial activity
  • Manage credit cards account and debit card account
  • Check various currency rates
  • Provide demo on online banking
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  1. Please i I want to know how the central bank of asia could help me
    Please help me solve this problem
    the bank here in Brazil is not helping me
    I have urgency to solve, I have my cousin starving and in need of money
    I did everything according to the law, and the bank has not released the money to the
    wish someone would answer me, why not release the payment to the beneficiary?
    this is the contact at the bank, and my request with all explanations and proofs

    MISS SITI, please help me, my cousin needs the money,
    for their daily needs, food, medicine, accounts payable,
    everything was done according to the laws, and all taxes paid
    I see no reason to prevent the payment

    Address: RUA ALCIDIO BALBO number 230-RIBEIRAO
    PRETO / zip code : 14057-438/ -SP / – BRASIL
    My profession is a lawyer
    My home phone: 16 39755265
    My hand phone: 16 91576222

    I made a deposit through COD:BOFAUS3N - NAME: BANK OF AMERICA, N.A. - END: NEW YORK,NY100 WEST
    For My Cousin:
    ACC NO-- 12260093901524, BANK CIMB
    ADD--No 49,jin pinang B 18/ B, seksyen 18,40000 shah alarm selangor malaysia.
    I had make the deposit through the bank BOFAUS3NXXX
    Because I live in Brazil, and the country's currency is the REAL,
    So to send money DOLLAR, it is necessary to make the Currency exchange
    The Brazilian bank can not send the money directly to my account,
    Currency exchange has to be done.
    This is the correct and legal according to law
    An error occurred in the address of the bank, but was corrected many days
    and even then the recipient has not yet received.
    Miss SITI, the CIMB BANK
    ADD - At 49, jin pinang B 18 / B, Seksyen 18.40000 shah alarm selangor malaysia, asked me to call phone number 60323026621, but we have the problem of time zones so I am sending the proofs attached in the email
    This is my personal email
    I have all the proofs, everything is in a correct way
    want it made payment to the beneficiary
    And I am available to answer whatever is necessary
    Follows attached all the evidence necessary for payment to the beneficiary
    I will send the evidence to directaccess@cimb.com
    Thank you very much for your attention

    thanks for listening
    have a nice day



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