Top 10 Popular Taxable Investment Grade Bond Closed End Funds

This article will be all about Top 10 popular Investment Grade Taxable Bond Closed End Funds. The fund providers include Western Asset, Eaton Vance, Federated, John Hancock, PIMCO, BlackRock and MFS. The list also include Western Asset Premier Bond, PIMCO Corporate Opportunity and more.

The following is the Top 10 Best Taxable Investment Grade Bond Closed End Funds:
  1. Western Asset Premier Bond (WEA)
  2. EV Limited Duration Income (EVV)
  3. Federated Enhanced Treasury Income (FTT)
  4. John Hancock Income Securities
  5. PIMCO Corporate Opportunity
  6. Franklin Limited Duration Inc
  7. BlackRock Credit Alloc II
  8. Blackrock Credit Allocation IV
  9. MFS Government Markets Income
  10. BlackRock Credit Alloc III


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