Bubble burst on Municipal Bond CEF and ETF?

After my initial listing about Top 10 Municipal Bond CEF, the muni bond CEF has been down big time this past week (7-15% drop). Since most of the muni CEF is leveraged, investor should expect a higher volatility than usual non-leveraged fund.

As of Please trade accordingly. I still think it can be a long term investment vehicle. In my opinion, Couple factors can contribute this decline:
  1. Treasury has been down after Fed announced QE2. Please check TLT (10 years+ Treasury ETF)
  2. Unknown from new tea party congressman/woman. Many new elected congress had campainged about cut spending. This may affected less fed fund for state level etc and state ran big deficit especially California, Illinois, and more.
  3. Unknown about tax structure. Extending Bush Tax Cut for all or only for middle class.

Looks at BKN, PMX, PML, PCK (CA Muni CEF), and more


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