Position update - MCK, FLIR, URS & SRS

My position is still healthy and is gaining momentum especially MCK (Mckesson) and FLIR (FLIR System). MCK reaffirmed the earning and announced new shares buyback. FLIR has posting good earning last week. I continue to like the chart and look to be slightly breakout today after 2-3 days flagging.

URS also reverse course and closed out only slightly negative for the day.

My SRS hedge also turned positive. I'll keep holding this hedge just in case the market turn violently.

I'm also eyeing some bond CEFs and solid stocks. I'll see how these CEFs will react to downside after more down day. Usually, it will create an arbitrage opportunity for short term trade. Some solid stock also turn negative such as Pepsi (PEP), FirstEnergy (FE), TEVA and SWN . I'll look into these stocks if the market turn negative.

Overall, it was a good day for MEPB Financial.

Note: Please trade responsibly.


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