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Market Vectors Oil Services ETF (OIH) is a popular exchange traded fund. This fund invests in stocks of energy related companies. The Oil Services Index is comprised of common stocks and depositary receipts of U.S. exchange-listed companies in the oil services sector. Such companies may include small- and medium-capitalization companies and foreign companies that are listed on a U.S. exchange.

This equity fund is tracking Market Vectors US Listed Oil Services 25 Index. This fund may be not diversified. The total net assets are $1.44 billion. The current dividend yield is 2.19%. The annual expense fee is 0.35%.

OIH Fund Profile

    Market Vectors Oil Services ETF | OIH
  • Fund Inception Date: 12/22/2011
  • Ticker Symbol: OIH
  • CUSIP: 678002106
  • Rank in category (YTD): 32%
  • Category: Equity Energy
  • Yield: 2.19%
  • Capital Gains: -
  • Expense Ratio: 0.35%
  • Total Assets: $ 1.09 billion

See top 15 American Funds mutual funds in 2015. These best mutual funds are American Funds SMALLCAP World Fund, American Funds Growth Fund, etc.

Best American Funds

These best American mutual funds in 2015 are selected based on its performance history for the past 1 year. The funds may be ranked by other financial websites such as Morningstar, US News, Forbes, etc. You may find the fund review below and other fund information.

Top 15 American FundsTop 15 American Funds Mutual Funds in 2015 are:
  1. American Funds SMALLCAP World Fund (SMCWX)
  2. American Funds Growth Fund (AGTHX)
  3. American Funds AMCAP Fund (AMCPX)
  4. American Funds New Economy Fund (ANEFX)
  5. American Funds Fundamental Investments Fund (ANCFX)
  6. American Funds American Mutual Fund (AMRMX)
  7. American Funds New Perspective Fund (ANWPX)
  8. American Funds Investment Company of America Fund (AIVSX)
  9. American Funds Washington Mutual Fund (AWSHX)
  10. American Funds High-Income Municipal Bond Fund (AMHIX)

Will tech & biotech stocks stay up? Top stock market industries in week 30, 2015 are catalog & mail order houses, drug delivery, etc.

Top Technology Stocks

This post will look into the top performing stocks, industry, and sector. The S&P 500 index has a weekly return of -2.19%. NASDAQ Composite has a weekly return of -2.33%. Dow Jones Industrials Average has a weekly return of -2.84%. The small cap (Russell 2000) has a return of -3.23%.

Top 25 stock industries in week 29, 2015 (July 20, 2015 to July 26, 2015) are:
    Tech Stocks
  1. Photographic Equipment & Supplies 9.67%
  2. Catalog & Mail Order Houses 6.88%
  3. Drug Delivery 5.48%
  4. Appliances 3.87%
  5. Accident & Health Insurance 3.51%
  6. Technical & System Software 3.22%
  7. Diagnostic Substances 2.41%
  8. Specialty Eateries 2.40%
  9. Security Software & Services 1.64%
  10. Broadcasting – Radio 1.49%
  11. Diversified Computer Systems 1.15%
  12. Networking & Communication Devices 1.15%
  13. Textile - Apparel Clothing 0.99%
  14. Consumer Services 0.99%
  15. Data Storage Devices 0.88%

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