Top Large Blend Mutual Funds 2014

Top large blend mutual funds 2014 are Upright Growth Fund, Franklin Focused Core Equity Fund, Oakmark Select Fund, Vanguard Capital Value Fund, etc.

Large Blend Funds

Top Large Blend Mutual Funds 2014Large blend funds are part of U.S. stock funds. For large cap funds, there are three main types. They are large blend, large growth, and large value. These funds invest based on its investment style such as value, growth, and blend. You can buy these funds for your core investment in your brokerage or traditional IRA or Roth IRA or 401k plan.

Large blend funds invest in neither growth nor value stocks. These funds invest mainly in U.S. large companies with more than $10 billion market capitalization. Most of the companies are listed in stock exchange such as NYSE, NASDAQ, etc. Investing risks include market risk, investment style risk, etc.

Best Mutual Funds

The list is compiled based on the fund year-to-date performance in 2014. The top fund means it managed to rank in top 1% in this large-cap blend category. You can find other fund information such as expense ratio, review, management, risk, top holdings, fund sector, etc.

Top large blend mutual funds 2014 are:
  1. Upright Growth Fund (UPUPX)
  2. Saratoga Large Capitalization Value Fund (SLVYX)
  3. Invesco Exchange Fund (ACEHX)
  4. Franklin Focused Core Equity Fund (FCEQX)
  5. Oakmark Select Fund I (OAKLX)
  6. Oakmark Select Fund II (OARLX)
  7. Vanguard Capital Value Fund (VCVLX)
  8. TCW Concentrated Value Fund (TGFVX)
  9. Leuthold Select Industries Fund (LSLTX)
  10. UBS U.S. Large Cap Equity Fund (BNEQX)

Best Performing Stocks Week 29, 2014: Hospitals, Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration

Find best performing sector stocks of week 28 of 2014. Top stock industries are hospital, oil & gas drilling & exploration, drug related products, semiconductor, etc.

Best Stocks

This post will look into the top performing stocks, industry, sector, and market capitalization. Major market indices have slightly recovered from previous week. The S&P 500 index has a weekly return of 0.56%. NASDAQ Composite has a weekly return of 0.38%. Dow Jones Industrials Average has a weekly return of 0.97%. The small cap (Russell 2000) has a negative return of 0.71%.

Best weekly performance of industry stocks of week 29, 2014 (July 14, 2014 – July 20, 2014) are:
    Best Performing Stocks 2014
  1. Hospitals – 8.26%
  2. Oil & Gas Drilling & Exploration – 5.42%
  3. Drug Related Products – 4.77%
  4. Semiconductor - Broad Line – 4.27%
  5. Business Software & Services – 4.12%
  6. Aluminum
  7. Technical Services
  8. Diversified Investments
  9. Research Services
  10. Catalog & Mail Order Houses

Best Performing Multicurrency ETFs 2014

Best performing multicurrency ETFs 2014 are PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bearish, PIMCO Foreign Currency Strategy ETF, PowerShares DB G10 Currency Harvest, etc.


ETFs or Exchange Traded Funds has become popular investment vehicle for investors. You can buy and sell ETFs through your brokerage. You can invest this investment fund in your retirement account and possibly your 401k.

Multicurrency Funds

Best Performing Multicurrency ETFs 2014One of the popular ETF categories is currency ETF. These Currency ETFs track a single foreign currency or basket of currencies by using foreign cash deposits or futures contracts. For the ETFs that use futures, excess cash is usually invested in high quality bonds, typically US Treasury bonds. The management fee is deducted from the interest earned on the bonds.

Multicurrency ETFs can provide attractive choice for investors. These ETFs or ETNs invest in multiple currencies depending upon its objective. Some funds may invest in emerging markets currencies, world currencies, etc.

These top performer ETFs are sorted based on its 1 year return (up to July 2014). You can find the fund review from this article. Other fund information can be found below such as expense ratio, Morningstar rating, fund’s NAV, managers, fund’s holdings, yield, etc.

Best performing multicurrency ETFs 2014 are:
  1. PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bearish (UDN)
  2. PIMCO Foreign Currency Strategy ETF (FORX)
  3. PowerShares DB G10 Currency Harvest (DBV)
  4. WisdomTree Emerging Currency Strategy (CEW)
  5. iPath GEMS Asia 8 ETN (AYT)
  6. iPath Optimized Currency Carry ETN (ICI)